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Picture of Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes

Neelie Kroes is Vice President and Digital Agenda Commissioner at the European Commission. With 40 years experience in politics, business and technology, Ms Kroes writes openly and incisively about how she is bringing together a long-term vision for Europe.
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Picture of Andris Piebalgs

Andris Piebalgs

Blog on development, for Commissioner for development Andris Piebalgs.
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Picture of Kristalina Georgieva

Kristalina Georgieva

Welcome to my Blog where I will be sharing my ideas about the issues that I am responsible for: humanitarian assistance and crisis response.
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Picture of Barcelona - Ferran Tarradellas

Barcelona - Ferran Tarradellas

Ferran Tarradellas is the head of the European Commission's Representation in Barcelona. His blog is a space to discuss and debate about Europe with a local view, everybody is invited to contribute.
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Picture of Belgium - Jimmy Jamar

Belgium - Jimmy Jamar

Blog représentation de Belgique
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Picture of Estonia - Euroblogi

Estonia - Euroblogi

The Euroblog has invited various people from both Brussels and Tallinn to write on EU-related matters. The link between Tallinn and Brussels can be considered essential since the Estonian public remains under-informed about Brussels and the Brussels community does not know perhaps how exactly things are perceived in Estonia. These reflections are of a far more personal nature than the 'official views' of the Commission that we usually circulate. We hope they invite the reader to think along and to engage in
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Picture of Spain - Francisco Fonseca

Spain - Francisco Fonseca

The blog of the Head of the European Commission's Representation in Spain offers to the users an analysis of the most relevant European topics from a local viewpoint. Everybody is invited to contribute and share their views with us.
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Picture of Digital Agenda for Europe

Digital Agenda for Europe

A blog to promote the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE).
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Picture of ECHO in action

ECHO in action

Blog about ECHO's activities (from Regional Information Officers and/or experts in the field, and from HQ staff)
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Picture of EU Digital

EU Digital

Transforming online communication at the European Commission
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Picture of EU Financial Markets Analysis

EU Financial Markets Analysis

This blog intends to be a double direction communication tool of the Commission with external stakeholders in the domain of financial regulation: the Commission to present data, models, methods and analyses, as well as ideas in an early stage of the policy development process (brainstorming phase) and regulators, academics, the financial industry and the general public can participate in a debate to fine tune those ideas. The blog is not a substitute for public consultations but a complement to them. Indeed
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Picture of Juvenes Translatores

Juvenes Translatores

Juvenes Translatores. The Annual competition for pupils to promote translation as profession.
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Picture of News from the European Commission in the UK

News from the European Commission in the UK

Keeping you up-to-date with the latest news from the European Commission Representation in the UK.
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Picture of Promoting Enterprise

Promoting Enterprise

The objective of the Promoting Enterprise blog is to discuss SME, enterprise and entrepreneurship policy and promotion. Its ultimate aim is to encourage enterprise across Europe. It also provides news and views about the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, the SME Assembly and European SME Week.
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Picture of Results Based Agri-environment Schemes

Results Based Agri-environment Schemes

This blog is designed to exchange information and practical experience on payments for biodiversity achievements in agriculture also known as Results Based Agri-environment Schemes.
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Picture of Structured dialogue

Structured dialogue

This blog gives the possibility to civil society organisations and Member states to dialogue with us.
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Picture of Web entrepreneurs

Web entrepreneurs

Informative EU Bulletin Board built upon a blog platform allowing EC to disseminate incubators accelerators and camps among Europe, as well as allowing web entrepreneurs to get in contact with co-founders and investors from abroad. It will have one section on events for entrepreneurs. There will be future functionalities of this platform in order to be more useful, and create more visibility among future entrepreneurs.
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