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ID required at casinos

April 2nd, 1995
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Statement: Passports or driving licences must now be produced by those entering gambling joints under new EU rules.
Source: The Sunday Times (2 April 1995)

Response: This issue has arisen out of the implementation of the EU Directive on money laundering* in the UK.
Neither the EU Directive nor the UK Regulations supply detailed prescriptions, leaving the industries most likely to be affected to work out the details. In this case the relevant industry regulator, the Gaming Board, having consulted the industry, produced its own ‘Code of Practice’, which instructed casinos that they ought to tighten up their entry procedures, particularly with regard to membership.

* – Directive 91/308 (OJ L166, 28.06.91).

ID required at casinos, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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