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Sex toys must be handed in

February 4th, 2004
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Shake ‘n back – EU tells women to hand in worn-out sex toys (The Sun, 04 February 2004, page 22)
Red-faced women will have to hand in their clapped-out sex toys under a new EU law. They must take back old vibrators for recycling before they can buy a new one.

Under the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment directives member states must ensure that, as from 13 August 2005, final owners of such goods may return their products to the retailer for recycling at no cost. There is no requirement for anyone to hand in old electrical goods before being allowed to purchase new ones, merely that they should be able to do so free of charge if they so wish.

Sex toys must be handed in, 4.9 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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