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Small scale fishery is not just an economic activity. It is a way of life. It greatly contributes to the progress and the flourishing of coastal communities, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. This is why our new Common Fisheries Policy is providing a framework to safeguard small scale fishermen’s activities and an instrument for their financial support under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Last week the European Parliament secured this perspective with a positive vote.

Within this new framework to come, investments into small scale fisheries will be increased. The co-financing rate for small vessels is also increased, for new gears and techniques, safety measures, promoting and labelling fish products and a lot of similar initiatives. Young people who want to enter into fishing profession will be granted assistance.

More support will also be given to co-management projects, where small scale fishermen, researchers, civil society, administration and civil society work together. For instance, community-led local development will help fisheries communities to identify economic activities going beyond fishing, especially for the period during which vessels will not be able to fish. These funds will be managed by the Fisheries Local Action Groups, our FLAGs, which are local partnership bringing together private and public stakeholders as well as environmental organisations. The supported projects should increase the added-value of fishing activities and products and will therefore directly contribute to our growth and jobs objectives.

Small scale fisheries’ influence will be strengthened by cooperation between fishing communities and stakeholders. We hope to see them participating more in our advisory bodies and consultation procedures. We want to work together for a better future.

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  1. Andrew Craig says:

    As the CFP has always been the biggest threat to our fish stocks, can you please advise how will this change under the intended CFP reforms please.

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  2. Monique PHILIP says:

    La petite pêche européenne ne peut pas exister sans le travail et la contribution des femmes (éppouses ou partenaires) et nous sommes étonnées d’avoir été oubliées dans votre déclaration

    Fédération Française des Femmes du Milieu Maritime

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  3. Tim Acott says:

    Great to see this recognition and support. Our Interreg funded work GIFS (Geography of inshore fishing and sustainability) is very relevant

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