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Friday last week, after the meeting of the Council where EU Ministers agreed quotas for the Baltic Sea, I took the time to watch “Game over – Facing our Ocean’s Point of No Return” .

This short but comprehensive documentary outlines well the urgency of concrete actions to counter the depletion of fish stocks and the severe consequences that any delay could trigger, be that in South America, in the North Sea or in the Baltic. Cod overfishing in Canadian waters, leading to the overmultiplication of sea urchins and the resulting damages for the whole ecosystem is just an example and the fact that this happened far away must not trick us. Seventy-five percent of our stocks are overfished and if we don’t act now, only 8 out of 136 EU stocks will still be healthy by 2022.

But, together with the pressure to make all necessary steps towards sustainability, maybe for the first time during my mandate, I also felt that we are on the right path: following the Commission proposal, all quota decisions taken by last week Council are based on scientific advice!.

This is an historical achievement, for which I must thank the EU Polish Presidency: our cooperation was excellent and made possible decisions that will be difficult in the short term, but were taken knowing that it is the maximum we can do for our fishermen, within the red line of scientific advice.

We have also agreed to overcome situations where data or scientific advice is still lacking: knowing the state of the stocks –as well as the condition of the whole ecosystem– is paramount for a proper management: this is what stressed in Berlin yesterday, it is one of the point we are working on with our Norwegian partners and it will be one of the main highlights of my visit in London next week.

And now let’s keep on working together to win this contest against time!

THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN, 3.7 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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3 Responses to “THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN”

  1. financialtools1 says:

    Commissioner, next G-20 Meeting :
    G-20 : Unity for Growth and Jobs: Clean Green Energy, Wireless Broadband , Fresh Foods and Fresh Water :
    a ) Launch solid strategy for MASSIVE increase in International Trade & Commerce
    b ) Increase consumer demand+ local manufacturing , healthy natural foods and farms , wireless broadband , fresh water – desalination + new clean green ENERGY global solutions = JOBS ! 
    c ) avoid useless competitions+speculation,
    d ) problems in EU ( and everywhere too ) :incompetence & corruption of entrenched bureaucrats
    e ) CREDIT  for small-medium businesses + Multinationals is the key,
    f )  implementation of the EU DEBT PLAN IS VITAL since the neocon Media continues its attacks against the Eu+Euro, the  “derivatives and shorters neocon army ” is willing to crash the whole Global Economy in order to cash-in their shorts ( bets against ) positions,  and they pay reporters in the FT,WSJ,WP, NYT, as well as Fox-TV, CNBC,CNN, PBS , etc., to spin rumours, innuendo and scandal against the Euro and the EU daily and also to distract from the Rupert Murdoch Investigation and others .

    Please read this great article about derivatives and who controls them :

    Debt Plan Could Deny Those Who Bet on Default
    “…International Swaps and Derivatives Association, a trade group…”

    and this one about a group of Hedge Funds trying to short the Euro and the EU:

    Hedge Funds Try ‘Career Trade’ Against Euro

    All these financial reporters know who is behind the 2008 Financial Derivatives-CDS-Mortgages Disaster, the group of speculative Investors who also profited from the Iraq War , Oil-Gas-Commodities speculation and the Military Industrial Complex , the same group that tried to crash the USA States- Municipalities Debt -Bonds and the Dollar in 2010-11 , and when they were stopped, they went after the Euro , and they will go after others like Brazil ,China and India, etc.,  because they profit from chaos, wars and disasters, they crash markets and then buy key assets very cheap, a criminal fraud, but the World does not have the Leaders with the will to stop them , so who will ?

    The Global Economy needs a massive push for clean green energy , wireless broadband , fresh foods and fresh water to create the 100 million new jobs that we need right now, and to re-direct and re-energize the whole global economy , but will the G-20 even propose any of this ?

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  2. palskogholt says:

    Great, it is a big step forward that the management is based on science. However, when will you make sure that the EUs fisheries in third country waters are in according with sustainable fisheries as well?

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    • Maria Damanaki says:

      You are absolutely right, this needs to change. That is why I proposed a radical reform of the EU Common Fisheries Policy, covering also relations with countries outside the EU. We have to follow the same approach we apply in our waters also at the international level.
      I am also working to counter illegal fisheries internationally: I signed an agreement with the United States and I intend to continue to work in the same direction with other EU international partners.
      But to make this work, we need informed consumers to drive the change towards sustainability: new rules on labelling about the origin of products are contained in the reform proposal to this purpose. 

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