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Eurostat published today its latest statistics on the Euro area unemployment rate, which has hit a record of 11.9% in the Euro area.  26.217 million men and women in Europe are found without a job. A number that is unfortunately increasing day by day. In Greece, the unemployment rate is at its highest with over 27%, while youth unemployment looms over more than half of the youngsters in the country.

Cold numbers cannot reflect the harsh reality that European citizens face daily: impasses generated from income loss and the severe deterioration of a family’s standard of living. The Commission is trying to find solutions to this problem, which is up to date one of the biggest scourges that this crisis has caused. The Youth Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Social Investment Package will relieve the labour market in the coming years and contribute towards growth. But we need some time for that.

In the meantime we need short term measures. We have to try to cater the conditions for securing the jobs we have. European funds and additional revenue can be better used to actively support the creation of jobs. For example, using the funds to directly cover social security for jobs, especially for youngsters and other categories that are experiencing the worst consequences of the crisis can be an effective solution.

We need to answer directly to problems and demands that cannot wait for long.

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