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The waters keep on rising

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Malta Recio, pictured here in front of her new vegetable plot, is one of the farmers being helped to re-establish her livelihood.01/02/2012 – From a distance, the sparkling expanse of Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic looks enticing. It is only when you get close that you realise something is wrong. Trees emerging from water might look right in a mangrove swamp, but not in this otherwise dry region. It is evident that the land has recently been inundated and the dead wood stands stark, like failed sentinels, helpless against the encroachment. Read the full entry

A newfound appreciation for the Costa Concordia rescue operation.

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Civil Protection observer team invited by Italian authorities to assess the rescue and marine pollution operations and to issue a report with its main findings in order to share lessons learnt with all Participating States in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. 01/02/2012 – On 13 January in the evening, a Cruiser ship 290 metres long and with more than 4 200 people on board ran aground some metres away from the very touristy island of Giglio, Toscany, Italy. This leisure cruise quickly became a nightmare for all involved. Firstly forthe passengers and crew who were forced to evacuate following, as best they could, the emergency procedures for a listing and unstable ship. And secondly for the local authorities, that were not prepared to take care of so many people at once who were both physically and psychologically affected. Read the full entry