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Ecuador – Strengthening educational actors’ capacity in Disaster Risk Reduction

Photo credit: EC/ECHO/Alvaro De Vicente - November 2011

11/10/2012 – In Ecuador, UNICEF and other DIPECHO partners are working to strengthen the role of the education community in preparedness and response to ensure children’s right to education in emergencies and to strengthen the resilience and preparedness of schools.

The Ministry of Education is now well prepared by using existing tools and guidelines, having people trained and being able to use functional coordination mechanisms for a more efficient and needs based response in the education sector, especially in the most vulnerable schools affected by natural disasters. As a result of recently developed public policy on Disaster Risk Reduction in schools and the creation of a Risk Management Direction, schools in the country have strengthened their resilience and are better prepared to respond to local emergencies. 

UNICEF organised capacity building sessions for Ministry of Education personnel. The sessions, undertaken in various provinces of the country, were supported by other DIPECHO partners. As a consequence of the public policy, the Ministry of Education institutional contingency plan is being drawn up with UNICEF guidance. The impact of the UNICEF project in Ecuador has exceeded its initial objective, not only on advocacy on the educational public policy in the country, but also on building resilience; Disaster Risk Reduction is now one of the main priorities in the Ministry of Education of Ecuador.

  • - Number of Beneficiaries: 60 direct beneficiaries (education authorities at MoE), 105 schools at national level (1.150 teachers, 20.000 students)
  • - Amount of funding: EUR 141.326
  • - Partners organisations: UNICEF. Other DIPECHO VII partners (PLAN International CARE, Spanish Red Cross, Oxfam)
  • - DIPECHO funding 2011-2012. 
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By ECHO’s Latin American and Caribbean team

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