CAST Research: additional information

Based on your questions, we compiled additional information on the call for expressions of interest in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre and our legal service. Questions which have been submitted up to now will not be answered individually, as they should be addressed in this additional information. If after reading this additional information published below you still need assistance, we kindly ask you to submit a new query.

1. Definition of profiles

A list of the principal subjects/disciplines relevant to each profile can be consulted here: Please note that this list is indicative and is not binding to the selection panel. It is up to each candidate to decide to which of these profiles his/her expertise belongs.

2. Talent screener

Candidates with more than 5 years’ experience should answer “Yes” to question 2.a. and “No” to question 3.a. Candidates who have answered “Yes” to both questions will have their answer to question 3 neutralised during the selection based on qualifications.

Candidates with less than 5 years’ experience should answer “No” to question 2.a. and “Yes” to questions 3.a.

3. Professional experience/PhD

The rules on the assessment of your professional experience can be consulted here:

As indicated, unpaid PhD’s may be counted as professional experience for a maximum duration of 3 years. PhD’s with remuneration and work contract fall under the general definition of professional experience and are therefore taken into consideration in full.

As stated under point IV.B.b. of the Call for expressions of interest, candidates who have not yet defended their doctoral thesis can apply under the condition that they will have obtained the doctoral diploma at the time they are called for an interview, as mentioned under point IX of the call.

4. Competency test

As stated under point VI of the Call for expressions of interest, the test will consist of a set of scientific questions related to the chosen profile as described under point I of the call. Please also refer to the list of subjects/disciplines per profile: Tests will therefore be different for each of the five profiles and will consist of questions randomly selected among the different subjects/disciplines indicated as being related to the particular profile.