Admission results published for competition EPSO/AST-SC/01/14 – Updated 07/11/2014

Secretaries (grades SC1 and SC2) for Croatian, English, French and German languages

Publication of admission results in candidates’ EPSO accounts:  1/09/2014

Number of candidates invited to the Assessment Center :
SC1 grade :
Croatian : 63
English : 239
French : 200
German : 23
SC2 grade :
Croatian : 13
English : 75
French : 84
German : 10

Minimum score needed to be invited to the Assessment Center :
For Croatian language: SC1: 60,66.
For English language: SC1: 58,50.
For French language: SC1: 76, SC2: 75,83.
For German language: SC1: 63,00.

The Assessment Centre will be organised over the course of one day and will most likely start in October 2014. A letter of invitation will soon be published in your EPSO Account. This will contain relevant information such as the exact date your tests will take place, the address of the Assessment Centre, as well as precise instructions and information concerning the contribution to travel and subsistence expenses.

In order to help with the smooth running of these tests, please remember to keep the personal details in your EPSO account up-to-date – in particular your address and email.

Some Member States organise information sessions to prepare their citizens for competitions. If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

Full information on this competition is available here.