Booking and testing – Translation tests – EPSO/AD/284-287/14

Translators in the following languages: German, Greek, Spanish or Swedish (AD5)

The booking period for the Translation tests is planned to run from 25/11/2014 to 02/12/2014 (midday, Brussels time).
The testing should take place from 15/12/2014 to 19/12/2014 (in the test centres in the 28 Member States (not outside the EU)). Due to a general strike in Belgium on 15/12/2014, no tests will be organised in Brussels on this date.

Timing of the tests

  • Arrives at the test centre and ID check: 30 minutes before
  • On-screen tutorial: 5 minutes
  • Translation test from language 2 into language 1: 60 minutes
  • Optional 10-minute break.
  • Translation test from language 3 into language 1: 60 minutes
  • Satisfaction survey: 5 minutes  (optional)

Please see the Competition notice for a full description of the tests.

The following information concerns only EPSO/AD/284/14 candidates, German-language translators:
Die Teilnehmer werden darauf hingewiesen, dass bei sämtlichen Übersetzungen in die deutsche Sprache ausschließlich die neue Rechtschreibung zu verwenden ist.

A message with the booking link and further information will be published in the EPSO accounts of all candidates on 25/11/2014.

Booking of your Translation tests – most important points to remember

Before you book your Translation tests, do not forget that:

  • Booking is only possible between the dates published in your EPSO account. In general, booking starts at 0h00 on the first day and ends at 12 o’clock (midday) Brussels time on the final day. If you do not book during this period, you will no longer be able to book. Please check the booking invitation message in your account for more details.
  • You will be able to see the list of available test centres when booking via the link provided. The list will also be available at
  • In case of technical problems during the booking procedure, please exclusively contact Prometric via one of the numbers provided in the CBT manual and in our FAQs:
  • Make sure you complete the whole booking procedure. At the end, you should see a confirmation number (e.g. 8800000001507876). If you do not see this number, it means that your booking has not been completed. You can print this booking confirmation at any moment.
  • Straight after the booking, you should receive an e-mail confirming your booking. If you do not receive this e-mail confirmation, please check your spam filter and your junk e-mails. This is not the official confirmation you need to bring to the test centre. The official booking confirmation will be uploaded later (usually within 48 hours after the booking) into your EPSO account.
  • The language code refers to the second language (EN/FR/DE), which is also the language of the test environment (and not the language of the tests, which is your first language). At this point, there are no changes possible in your application form.
  • Rescheduling of the translation test is not allowed. In exceptional circumstances (such as a serious illness, birth of a child, death of a spouse, child, parent, brother or sister) EPSO may authorise rescheduling (subject to availability). You should contact EPSO immediately, providing all relevant documentary evidence (e.g. a medical certificate) and your candidate number.

Some Member States organise some sessions of Training and support to prepare citizens for competitions. If you do not see a link next to your Member State, it means that EPSO has not received any information on this subject from the Member State concerned.

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