Translators 2014 – Frequently asked questions – EPSO/AD/284-287/14

Translators in the following languages: German, Greek, Spanish or Swedish (AD5)

Translation tests results
Access to Information

According to the General Rules governing Open Competitions, candidates can request an uncorrected copy of their answers in the written/practical tests and as a general rule, such access will be granted.

Please note that the corrected answer scripts and the details of the marking, in particular, are covered by the secrecy of selection board proceedings and will not be disclosed.

Please read more in the General Rules governing Open Competitions.

Assessment Centre

Travel expenses for the Assessment Centre

A flat-rate contribution to travel and subsistence expenses will be made for candidates invited to the Assessment Centre. Please consult the rules:

The address in your EPSO account must be your official residential address at the time of the competition. If the place of residence and the current place of employment are in different countries the shortest distance to the venue as calculated by EPSO will apply.

Schedule of the Assessment Centre day

The first candidates will usually start the AC day at 8:30 (your invitation letter will give the precise appointment time; please take into account the time mentioned in your invitation letter). The AC day will finish for all candidates at the latest +/- 17:00. You will receive your exact schedule for the day upon arrival. We don’t have any further information at this moment.

Language of the Assessment Centre

The Assessment Centre exercises will be held in your Language 2 (your first source language: English, French or German).

Documents needed

On the day of the Assessment Centre you need to bring the following documents:

  • A print version of your on-line application form (you can print your form by accessing the overview tab and then the printer friendly version);
  • A numbered index listing all enclosed supporting documents;
  • Proof of citizenship, e.g. copy of passport or identity card;
  • An uncertified copy of the relevant diploma(s) with an English, French or German translation (uncertified) and including details of the subjects studied and the duration of the course(s);
  • A recent ID photograph.

No other documents are needed at this stage.

Please consult the invitation letter, the brochure, the Notice of Competition and the General Rules governing Open Competitions for details.

Sample tests

You can prepare for the Assessment Centre using the sample tests published for AD Generalists and AD Specialists on this page: Sample tests for translators are not available at this moment.

Please read more about the types of exercises used in your Assessment Centre in the brochure attached to the invitation letter.

Final results

Please check the indicative planning for updated news on the final results’ publishing date.

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