Administrators in different fields (2012 cycle)

On this page you will find specific information relating to competitions EPSO/AD/230-231/12 for Administrators (AD5 – AD7) in the following fields: European Public Administration, Law, Audit, Communication, External Relations.

Important documents:
Competition notice

Guide to open competitions

How to apply” manual

If you need more general information on our selection procedures, please have a look at the FAQs that are published on the general “Administrators” page (access via the bar above).   If you really cannot find an answer to your question in any of our pages, please contact us via our online web form where you should select the subject title “Ongoing competitions”.

Validity of reserve lists

The validity of a number of reserve lists for competitions organised by EPSO has been extended. Please find herewith an updated information concerning all active reserve lists. The end date of the lists may be extended in the future. Non-extension of validity of reserve lists: As the validity of a number of other reserve lists(…)

Reserve lists of successful candidates of competitions for administrators in different fields (2012 cycle) – update 13/11/2013

EPSO/AD/230/12 – EPSO/AD/231/12 The lists of successful candidates for competitions EPSO/AD/230/12 and EPSO/AD/231/12 were published in the Official Journal of the European Union of 19.04.13. Addendum to the reserve list

Message to Spanish laureates of competitions EPSO/AD/230-231/12 and EPSO/AST/118/11

A LA ATENCIÓN DE LOS LAUREADOS ESPAÑOLES EN LISTAS DE RESERVA AD Y AST-3 La Unidad de Apoyo ha organizado una reunión con  laureados españoles en listas de reserva en la Representación Permanente de España ante la U.E. Lugar: Bvd. Du Régent, 50. Sala Nueva. Fecha y hora: 18 de abril a las 17 horas.(…)

EPSO/AD/230-231/12 – Final competition results

Publication of Assessment Centre and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 13/02/2013 Number of candidates on the reserve list: Grade EPA LAW AUDIT COMMUNICATION EXTERNAL RELATIONS AD 5 52 35 22 28 24 AD 7 33 14 5 12 8 Pass marks to be admitted on the reserve list: Grade EPA LAW AUDIT(…)

Message to the Polish candidates invited to the Assessment Center (EPSO/AD/230-31/12 – Administrators (AD5/AD7)

Information /informacja Permanent Representation of Poland to the European Union organizes training for participants in subsequent stages of the EPSO exams (Interview and Assessment Centre). Expected date – at the second half of September or beginning of October 2012. Confirmation of interest in participating in training and any questions , please send by  e-mail at(…)

Message to the Hungarian candidates invited to the Assessment Center (EPSO/AD/230-31/12 – Administrators (AD5/AD7)

Tisztelt Versenyzők! Az Állandó Képviselet részéről gratulálunk a Concours első fordulójának sikeres teljesítéséhez. A következő megmérettetés az Assessment Center lesz. A felkészülés segítésére Szeptember 26-án, Brüsszelben az Állandó Képviseleten egy kötetlen beszélgetést szervezünk, ahol néhány eredményes, tavalyi versenyző beszámol az Assessment Centerben szerzett élményeiről és tapasztalatairól. Aki nem tud részt venni ezen a brüsszeli eseményen,(…)

Message to all Finnish candidates invited to the Assessment Centre (EPSO/AD/230-31/12 – Administrators (AD5/AD7)

Hyvä EU-virkamieskisailija! Onneksi olkoon pääsystä virkamieskisojen arviointikeskusvaiheeseen. Kuulut jo nyt erittäin valikoituneeseen joukkoon. Järjestämme sparrausta kokeisiin valmistautuville Helsingissä 18.-19.9. Ota yhteys valtioneuvoston EU-sihteeristön Annikka Alankoon ( tai Suomen EU-edustuston Henrik Rusoon ( ja ilmoittaudu mukaan! Terveisin, Annikka Alanko/VNK Henrik Ruso/EUE

EPSO/AD/230-231/12: Members of the Selection Board

You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in writing(…)

Message to all Irish candidates invited to the Assessment Centre (EPSO/AD/230-21/12 – Administrators (AD5/AD7) )

Well done on succeeding to the Assessment Centre phase of the Concours. The EU jobs team, working for the Irish government, are offering some training. Please contact if you’ve succeeded to the next phase.

Message to all British candidates invited to the Assessment Centre (EPSO/AD/230-21/12)

Congratulations on getting through the first stages of the Concours. The UK Representation in Brussels can help you prepare for the next stages: the case study and assessment centre. If you’d like to know more, please contact us at