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Results of the selection based on qualifications (EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014)

Selection procedure EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014 for Drivers. Results of the selection based on qualifications published in the EPSO accounts: 25/06/2014. Number of candidates invited to the competency test : 240 The competency tests are planned from mid-September to beginning-October 2014 in Nivelles, Belgium. Invitations to the competency tests will be published beginning-August by separate letter in the(…)

Number of applications (EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014)

Selection procedure EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014 for Drivers. Deadline for applications was: 25/03/2014. Number of applications: 2357 Please note that these figures are provisional. Contrary to our rules, some candidates might have validated more than one application. Full information on this competition is available by clicking on the navigation bar above and at Please check your EPSO(…)

CAST Drivers – deadline for questions

Selection procedure for contract agents EPSO/CAST/S/8/14: Please note that questions sent to the Candidate Contact Service after Sunday, 23/03/2014 might not be answered before the deadline for registration (Tuesday 25/03/2014 midday – Brussels time). Please check updated information at

Open for applications

Applications are now open for the selection procedure EPSO/CAST/S/8/2014 for Drivers. The deadline to apply is 25 March 2014, 12.00 midday (Brussels time). Your questions: Before contacting us about EU Careers please make sure you’ve read our specific FAQ’s on this selection procedure and all important documents and updates on this page thoroughly, as well as useful(…)

Final results

CAST ICT and Cyber Security EPSO/CAST/S/7/2013 Publication of final results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 17/12/2013 Number of candidates in the database of successful candidates: ICT Security Assistant (Function Group III) = 99 ICT Security Analyst (Function Group IV) = 99 Full information on this selection procedure is available by clicking on the navigation bar(…)

Number of candidates invited to the competency test for the ICT security selection

EPSO/CAST/S/7/13 Results of the selection based on qualifications published in the EPSO accounts: 21/10/2013. Number of candidates invited to the competency test FG III – ICT Security Assistant 128 FG IV – ICT Security Analyst 132 The competency tests are planned from 18 to 22 November 2013. Test centres will be organised throughout the EU(…)

Access to the database for agencies for recruitment of researchers

EPSO/CAST/S/5/2013 Since 15/10/2013 the agencies listed below have access for recruitment to the EPSO/CAST/S/5/2013 database. Up until 8/03/2014 (6 months after publication of the database), these agencies will however need the Joint Research Centre’s approval to interview and recruit a candidate. After 08/03/2014, candidates in the database can be recruited by all institutions and agencies(…)

Selection procedure for Researchers – final results (UPDATED 23/9/2013)

  The results of selection procedure EPSO/CAST/S/5/2013 were published on 10/09/2013 in the EPSO accounts:           Profile Number of successful candidates 1 Natural Sciences 857 2 Quantitative Sciences 540 3 Human and Social Sciences 682 4 Agricultural, Environmental and Earth Sciences 920 5 Health Sciences 229   Total 3228 The database will remain valid for(…)

CAST in the field of ICT and Cyber Security: number of applications

  Deadline for applications for the competition EPSO/CAST/S/7/2013 was 16/7/2013. Number of applications: FGIV: 444 FGIII: 421 Latest news on these competitions will be available at Please check your EPSO account at least twice a week.  

Number of candidates – CAST Educational psychologist

EPSO/CAST/S/6/2013 Number of candidates admitted to the database of successful candidates 40

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