EU enlargement: Croatia

This page is dedicated to the open competitions in the framework of the EU-accession of Croatia in 2013. To cover the needs for staff by the EU institutions, the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) organises specific competitions for citizens from Croatia and for EU citizens with Croatian as their main language.

Here is a list of competitions already published. Detailed information on these ongoing competition procedures are accessible via:

- Translators with main language Croatian

- Interpreters with main language Croatian

- Lawyer-linguists with main language Croatian

- Administrators (AD5) with Croatian citizenship

- Heads of Units having Croatian as their main language in the field of translation

- Proofreaders / Language Editors (AST 3) with Croatian as their main language

- Assistants (AST 3) with Croatian citizenship in the following fields: Legal Matters, Communication, Project/Programme/Contract Management

- Croatian Heads of Unit in the fields of Law, Economics or European Public Administration

- Croatian-language translators 2013

An indicative planning of future selection procedures and competitions currently planned is available at:

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