Test results published (EPSO/AST-SC/03/15)

Secretaries and clerks for administrative/financial/secretarial support roles We published the results of the admission tests in the EPSO accounts. We currently don’t have any further infomation on the next steps of the competition procedure. It will be published as soon as it is available. Here is some useful information on the results: Why is there(…)

Final results of the competition (EPSO/AD/279-283/14) Latest update: 23/07/2015

EPSO/AD/279/14 – Danish-language (DA) lawyer-linguists* EPSO/AD/280/14 – Finnish-language (FI) lawyer-linguists Publication of assessment phase and final competition results in the candidates’ EPSO accounts: 29/05/2015 Number of candidates on the reserve list:  6 No minimum score – all candidates who passed the tests are on the reserve list EPSO/AD/281/14 – Slovak-language (SK) lawyer-linguists Publication of assessment center and final(…)

European Summit on 10-11/06/2015 – Security perimeter

During the European Council meetings, a security perimeter is established by the Belgian Police in the Brussels European area. The security perimeter will be closed on 10-11/06/2015. The EPSO building (Avenue de Cortenbergh, 25) lies outside of this security perimeter. Metro “Schuman” will be closed. Updated information on the following web site: Brussels public transport.

Admission results (first phase) published for EPSO/AST/134/14

Assistants in the field of parliamentary work Publication of the results of the first phase of the admission in candidates’ EPSO accounts: 04/06/2015 Minimum score needed in the computer-based admission tests: 30,667 points Number of candidates admitted to Talent Screener:  661 Number of candidates non-admitted to Talent Screener: 117 Number of candidates not among the(…)

MCQ tests: results published (EPSO/AST-SC/03/15) – Updated 11/06/2015

Secretaries and clerks for administrative/financial/secretarial support roles Publication of the results in candidates’ EPSO accounts: Field 1 – Administrative support: 08/06/2015 Field 2 – Financial support: 04/06/2015 Field 3 – Secretarial support: 11/06/2015 *We will update the information as soon as the results are published in the EPSO accounts. The admission results and the number(…)

Number of applications and next steps (EPSO/AST-SC/04/15)

Parliamentary Ushers (AST SC 1) Deadline for applications for the competition EPSO/AST-SC/04/15 was: 27/05/2015. Number of applications: 7188 We would like to inform you that Computer-based Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) tests will be organised up front. Next steps: The booking period for the computer-based MCQ tests will run from 09 June to 19 June 2015. The(…)

Open for applications (EPSO/AD/308-309/15)

Applications are now open for the competitions EPSO/AD/308-309/15 for Doctors. The deadline to apply is 7 July 2015, 12.00 midday (Brussels time).  Your questions: Before contacting us about EU Careers please make sure you’ve read all important documents and updates on this page thoroughly, as well as useful information on our web site and our general frequently asked(…)

Reserve list of successful candidates (EPSO/AD/277/14)

Administrators (AD5) in the field of audit (m/f). The Reserve list of successful candidates for this competition was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 02/06/2015. Full information on this competition is available here.

Deadline for questions (EPSO/AD/303/15)

Administrators in the field of development cooperation and managing aid to non-EU countries Open competition EPSO/AD/303/15 : Please note that questions sent to the Candidate Contact Service after Friday, 05/06/2015 might not be answered before the deadline for registration (Tuesday 09/06/2015 midday – Brussels time). Full information on this competition is available by clicking on the(…)

Booking for computer-based MCQ tests (EPSO/AST/135/15)

Heads of Administration in EU Delegations Note: If you are a candidate for both competitions EPSO/AST/135/15 and EPSO/AST-SC/04/15, you must book and sit both sets of tests. The tests are not the same for both competitions (please check the relevant notice of competition). If you want to sit the test for both competitions on the(…)