admission tests

Computer-based booking period and admission tests – EPSO/AD/276-277/14

EPSO/AD/276-277/14 Administrators (AD5): generalists (m/f) Administrators (AD5) in the field of audit (m/f) The booking period for the admission tests is planned to run from 29 April to 13 May 2014. The testing should take place from 26 May to 27 June 2014. Timing of the tests Arrives at the test centre and ID check:(…)

Admission tests

Assistants in different fields EPSO/AST/129/13 Computer-based admission tests – most important points to remember Dear candidates, Please find here some tips for your computer-based tests. Good luck for your tests! Most important points to remember before you go to the test centre: • Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. • The address of the(…)

Results of admission tests

Translators for Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Maltese and Slovenian EPSO/AD/260–266/13 On 11/11/2013, results of the admission tests were published in the candidates’ EPSO accounts. In the results’ grid, results of tests b) and c) were erroneously inverted. This mistake was corrected on 12/11/2013. Please note that the inversion in the grid did not affect(…)

Competition for administrators in different fields (EPSO/AD/177/10): next steps

  The first part of the assessment centre (case study and the language 1 test) will take place for all candidates at the same time on 22/11/2013 in Brussels. Both tests will be on paper and handwritten. The language 1 test should consist of drafting a text in language 1 related to the case study. Letters(…)

Translators 2013 – dates for CBT booking and admission tests

EPSO/AD/260–266/13 The booking period for the admission tests for competitions EPSO/AD/260-266/13 is planned to run from 27/08/2013 to 05/09/2013. The testing will take place between 09/09/2013 and 27/09/2013. Further information concerning these tests has been published in the EPSO accounts of all candidates concerned on 21/08/2013. Some Member States organise information sessions to prepare their citizens for(…)

Competition for assistants in different fields – next steps

EPSO/AST/125/12: The results of the admission tests were published on 30/04/2013 in the EPSO accounts. The results of the admission to the assessment centre will be published during the second half of May.

Economists – Next steps

EPSO/AD/249/13 As announced in the EPSO accounts, there will be no computer based admission tests for either of the two fields of the competition. Next Steps: Admission to the Competition and Selection based on Qualifications All online applications will now be processed against the general and specific admission conditions, before being screened by the selection(…)

EPSO/AD/177/10 – EPSO/AD/178/10 – EPSO/AD/179/10: extended deadline

Due to some technical issues, candidates may not have been able to confirm their participation to the new tests in 2013 to competitions EPSO/AD/177/10, EPSO/AD/178/10 and EPSO/AD/179/10. Therefore, the confirmation deadline has been extended until 25 April 2013 (12.00 noon, Brussels time). We thank you for your understanding.

Provisional planning of the competition procedures for administrators (2010 – new tests)

EPSO/AD/177-178-179/10 (new tests) The provisional planning of the competition procedures for administrators is now available on our dedicated pages: EPSO/AD/177/10 (new tests): EPSO/AD/178/10 (new tests): EPSO/AD/179/10 (new tests): This information will regularly be updated.

Assistants in different fields with Croatian citizenship (AST/123/12) – CBT tests

CBT – Computer based testing is scheduled from 25 February to 15 March. Booking period will run from 12 to 20 February for all candidates. Further information will be published in your EPSO account early February. Latest news on these competitions will be available here Please check your EPSO account at least twice a week.