competency test

Competency test (EPSO/CAST/S/12/2015)

Regional security officers and advisers The invitation to the tests with the booking link and further information will be published in the EPSO accounts of all candidates during the week of 29.06.2015. The booking period for the competency tests is planned to run from 07.07.2015 to 14.07.2015. The testing will take place from 01.09.2015 to(…)

Competency test – Most important points (EPSO/CAST/S/11/2015)

Principal building manager Most important points to remember before you go to the test centre: The testing will take place from 22.06.2015 to 24.06.2015. Arrive at least 30 minutes in advance. The address of the test centre is provided via a link in your booking confirmation. Don’t forget to take your booking confirmation printed from(…)

Number of candidates invited to the competency test for the ICT security selection

EPSO/CAST/S/7/13 Results of the selection based on qualifications published in the EPSO accounts: 21/10/2013. Number of candidates invited to the competency test FG III – ICT Security Assistant 128 FG IV – ICT Security Analyst 132 The competency tests are planned from 18 to 22 November 2013. Test centres will be organised throughout the EU(…)

Competency test – CAST Educational psychologist

EPSO/CAST/S/6/2013 Please note that the schedule of the competency test is as follows:  27/06/2013 at 13H30 Further information concerning this test has been published on 03/06/2013 in the EPSO account of all candidates concerned.

CAST Research – Number of candidates invited to the competency tests

    Number of candidates invited to the competency tests Natural Sciences 1087 Quantitative Sciences  660 Human and Social Sciences 787 Agricultural, Environmental and Earth Sciences 1090 Health Sciences 266  

Educational psychologists – admission results and competency test

The results of the admission to the competency tests were published on 8/5/2013 in the EPSO accounts. Competency test will take place in Brussels on the 27th of June beginning of the afternoon.  

Next steps of the CAST Research selection procedure

EPSO/CAST/S/5/2013 The results of the talent screener review are planned to be published during the second half of May. The 3600 candidates who obtain the best scores will be invited to the computer-based competency test. The computer based competency tests are scheduled to take place throughout EU 27 member states during the second and third(…)

CAST Research: competency tests delayed

The competency tests will take place in July.

CAST regional security: results of competency tests delayed

The results of the competency tests will be published in March.

Questions of the competency tests

We confirm that the questions of the competency tests for the different profiles of contract agents in the building sector, set by experts in these fields, reflect the needs and requirements of the recruiting services within the EU Institutions.