Foresight knowledge management tool

A foresight knowledge-management tool that aims at developing systematic understanding and diversified readings of future trends and drivers shaping our society, to feed the policymaking cycle with anticipatory knowledge in a quick and responsive manner.


Diversified reading of megatrends

To develop robust long term policies, policymakers need to be well aware of the trends and drivers that are shaping our society. Through horizon-scanning, sense-making and trends analysis, the EU Policy Lab can develop and provide a more diversified reading of the forces shaping the future. Understanding the interconnections amongst drivers and trends will serve as a solid basis for embarking on new foresight projects. More importantly, it will also enable a systematic understanding of issues to build future-proof processes that can feed more quickly into policymaking, promoting a longer-term thinking in policy planning. The aim is to evolve into a well-known and credible reference tool for foresight practitioners and policy-makers alike.


Foresight knowledge management and trends analysis

A web-based foresight knowledge management tool, categorising the content of the EU Policy Lab’s future-related work and linking it to major trends shaping the future. By collecting and monitoring other foresight sources, it provides systematic up-to-date analysis on trends influencing the future. The tool will allow to systematically present knowledge acquired through EU Policy Lab foresight activities and gather external sources on megatrends. A horizon scanning function will allow filling gaps and keeping the tool up-to-date.


Systematically and collaboratively

The tool serves as the basis for exploratory discussions through a series of sense-making sessions. These discussions explore the interaction between future-shaping trends by employing systems-thinking. This is done in an interactive manner in the form of focus groups, workshops, seminars, and conferences. The participation of policy-makers, external experts and foresight practitioners identified through partnerships with national and international foresight entities is key to maximise the uptake of the tool and the process.

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Foresight knowledge management tool

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