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A new disaster

March 11th, 2011

Japan has suffered a massive earthquake and parts of the country have been engulfed by a tsunami. As I watch the shocking images of destruction, my thoughts are with the people of Japan. I pray that families will be safe and that human cost will be minimal.

My thoughts are also with the rescue workers. Whenever a disaster strikes, these brave men and women are prepared to risk their lives to save the lives of others.

My services are on the alert, as the risk of tsunami remains high; the European Union stands ready to assist Japan.

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7 Responses to “A new disaster”

  1. rachidelaidi says:

    Il est important à, l’Europe de soutenir les gens en détresse . C’est un travail très intéressant dans la mesure où il tient compte et des valeurs européennes et de la faiblesse des peuples devant les catastrophes naturelles. Bon courage,madame la commissaire.

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    • kristalinageorgieva says:

      Je vous remercie de votre préocupation. 

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  2. financialtools1 says:

    Dear Commissioner Georgieva :

    This last earthquake and tsunami is a massive signal, a warning from Nature to do the right thing and, in my opinion , start using the free sun , free waves , water currents and free wind around us  instead of digging again for uranium, oil, gas and coal, etc., but will the Human Race get it ? most likely not since our ignorance and arrogance is …well, just human.

    A smart society will be able to transition all the old energy jobs to the new energy jobs without a hitch, and that’s what leaders are for.

    And another problem is ahead for the EU ( and the World ) : shortages and high prices of grains and vegetables , our basic food groups.

    The EU can (and must ) coordinate all its members to secure food independence and security as well as full employment and export levels, that’s the magic trick !   , and this demands team work like never before , avoiding useless competition and bickering and instead finding the perfect compliments of crops , internal consumption and markets for export.

    Lester Brown at the EPI has some very good facts and numbers and about the urgent need to coordinate growth and jobs.

    Dear Commissioner: new jobs in new Energies and Food Crops  is what we need right now for a stable and solid economy, the very best to you all searching and finding smart new formulas to create jobs and keep food prices down , a very difficult job, specially since the neocons are still trying to short the Euro ( and now even the Dollar ) to crash our economies and buy vital assets very cheap ( using derivatives, shorts, with Hedge Funds , Bond- and Money-Managers working in collusion to manipulate markets in over – the-counter , dark markets, etc., and to exploit and speculate on the oil/gas/gold/diamond markets,etc. ) , a total criminal intent, so team work is more important than ever, thanks.

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    • kristalinageorgieva says:

      Thank you for your comments — I haven’t always responded, but read them all.  We can have a long disucssion on how best to pursue development in harmony with nature; agree on some points, disagree on others.  But the most importnat thing on which I am sure we will agree is to seek new solutions for a planet with 7 billion inhabitants, all deserving a decent life.  Best regards,
      Kristalina Georgieva

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  3. boyan.kolarov says:

    Dear Commissioner,
    what would be the way to offer our help to a Japan family. We would like to give an opportunity to a Japan family to share our home at the Black sea coast near Balchk.
    Уважаема госпожо, Георгиева,
    бихме искали да предоставим подслон на японско семейство в нашата вила на морския бряг край Балчик. Надяваме се, че това не е в противоречие с организацията на спасителните работи в Япония.
    Вилата ни не е луксозна, но е оборудвана с всички удобства на съвременния цивилизован живот, вкл. интернет. При проявен интерес ще Ви предоставим всякаква допълнителна информация.
    Желаем Ви здраве и успешни дни!
    сем. Светла и Боян Коларови

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    • kristalinageorgieva says:

      Благодаря Ви за човечността! Най-добре е да отправите предложението към посолството на Япония в България — нашият екип няма капацитет за координиране на индивидуална помощ.  
      С уважение,
      Кристалина Георгиева

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  4. sv1gz says:

    In my scientific opinion {as Nuclear Physicist/Specialized in Nuclear FISSION(Applied+Theoretically)} i think we MUST BE EXTREMELY CAREFULL+RESPONSIBLE in the NUCLEAR ENERGY SAFETY in National+European+International considerations…
    You may interested to study my scientific opinion for the Fukushima Nuclear Fission Plants Accidents in Japan in March 2011 by studying my Relevant Original scientific articles which exist in the following Internet sites:

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