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Music against hunger

October 16th, 2013

Do you know how many children die of under-nutrition in the world every year? Or every day? Take a few seconds to try to guess the number…

And now let me give you the answer – each day more than 8 000 children die of malnutrition and 3.1 million die of under-nutrition every year. Can you imagine 3.1 million children together? They would fill a city as big as Madrid or Berlin – a city full of starving children. This may seem like a scene from a horror movie, but it is a reality today.

The saddest thing about this grim reality is that hunger is a solvable issue. The world does produce enough food to feed all of its citizens. How is it possible, then, that we are not there yet?
Today 16th October is the World Food Day – an occasion to ask this question and see how our answer can make a difference. The European Commission is working hard to put an end to hunger and malnutrition:

– we have a modern food assistance policy that contributes to long-term food security

– we focus on the most fragile states, where under-nutrition is the biggest killer

– we partner with the stakeholders who are most capable to make a difference: organisations such as the World Food Programme, Save the Children and many others, governments and those who care most – mothers, doctors, nurses, community leaders, etc.

Ending hunger requires more than policies and money from donors, international organisations and states; it requires the commitment from every one of us. This is why, together with our partner “Action Against Hunger” (ACF) we have launched the NO HUNGER ORCHESTRA.

It involves musicians performing on instruments made from non-edible food parts, such as pumpkin skins, banana leaves and nut shells. Last weekend, the orchestra gave simultaneous concerts in London, Paris and Madrid and the campaign is continuing online here:

Why do we use music for this initiative? Because music is food for the soul – a universal language that speaks directly to the heart and has the power to move and inspire us. With its help, we are trying to make you part of the fight against hunger. Because together, we can overturn the dire statistics on hunger and confine it to the past, where it belongs. Are you in?

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