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Thank you!

December 1st, 2010

Tonight I was presented with a great honour and a great responsibility. I have been voted Commissioner of the Year and European of the Year in the 2010 EVawards.

I am the Commissioner with the best job, because what I do is to act on the most precious of European values – the solidarity with people in need – at home, but especially abroad. Last year we have touched the lives of 140 million people, suffering from earthquakes, floods droughts and conflicts. For that we are very grateful to the support of our citizens who, despite of the hardship at home, do stand by those in need. Eight out of 10 Europeans are in favour of humanitarian aid. It is them I owe this award to.

But I am also the Commissioner with the worst job, because there is so much pain and suffering around the world today. In the 21st Century, there should be no kid going to bed hungry – and millions do. I want to pledge to you and all Europeans that I will work as hard as I can to be where Europe is needed.

These awards are for the many Europeans who do humanitarian work, often in harsh conditions. They are the heroes who deserve our applause. Please join me in thanking them for their service to humanity.

Thank you!

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4 Responses to “Thank you!”

  1. financialtools1 says:

    Dear Commissioner  :  Congratulations !

    In my opinion the EU today is also facing another type of  crisis,  one fabricated by “certain financial interests” and with the intent to crash the Euro and the EU , because as long as we are together these  ” financial interests ” cannot speculate among the currencies, they cannot  play one country against the other and collect 2 fees advising them both without telling them that they play the 2 sides, as well as shorting their currencies ( betting against them ) to make huge profits while also insuring their positions short and long and acting as principals without telling their customers , speculating in groups of Hedge-Funds and Private Equity Partners in full collusion,etc.

    Certain groups  ( many  say is the “extremists”  in the Imported Oil-Gas and Hedge-Fund Lobby based in the Middle East , what they call the Riyadh-TelAviv Oil-Money-Weapons  Club ) do not want a strong and united EU and Euro , instead they want weak countries divided and easy to attack and manipulate for their own profits.

    In my opinion, it’s time to tell all  the young people in the EU ( from 18 up) about this organized attack against the Euro and the EU , they should know who and how are doing the attack .

    Just these last 4 weeks in only 2 TV programs, Nightly Business Report ( PBS – KTEH ) and BBC (WETA)  television, which are watched by 500.000 to 800.000 people in the USA on cable and satellite TV every day , the host of NBR , Susie Gharib repeatedly asked her financial guests ( mostly are Bankers , Traders, Money Managers and analysts, etc.) about these ” rumours ” that the Euro was collapsing and the EU breaking up, and she and others in the BBC repeated these ” rumours ” every week again and again  :  they feed the spin and make sure it stays in the news, and as always there is no one from the EU or the Euro to express another opinion, and to show that the Euro fundamentals are very good for long term growth  , so the whole thing is unfair, insulting and criminal, it’s organized.

    The kids must know the game and learn to fight back, the Youth in Europa must learn to fight and defend their Economy, their way of Life ,Society ,Rules, Jobs, Customs and their Future.

    The book “All the Devils Are Here” ( writers : McLean , Nocera ) and the documentary ” Inside Job” ( director : Ferguson ) and story in Reuters : U.S. ends probe of hedge fund “idea dinner” (Aug,20,2010) , are 3 sets of facts ( among many others ) that every kid in the EU must understand , we need someone in the EU to prepare a full story, showing which Hedge -Funds and Media operators are working to crash the Euro and the EU and profit from its fall, it’s time the kids learn to fight for the EU and the Euro, it’s time.

    I know this issue may be out of your line of work , but we need someone in the EU to organize a defense , we cannot stand still any longer and take this daily abuse , this is financial rape and extortion,the EU and the Euro must get together and fight back and above all, show the next generations what we are up against, because these speculators and shorters will not stop trying , it’s time to stop the fraud.

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  2. Green2Green says:

    Dear Commissioner Georgieva,
    God bless Europe!

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  3. Dear Commissioner Georgieva
     this is Harun Mohamed from refugee in kharaz camp in yemen i have to sa thanks for ur coming refugee in yemen and i hope that u make alot chanch so if u like to contact as personay please find me thnks

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    • kristalinageorgieva says:

      Dear Harum,
      Sorry for taking some time to react. Visiting the camp was very important to me and I hope the EU can continue its help.
      Please, stay in touch I would be glad to hear from you.
      Best regards,
      Kristalina Georgieva

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