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While the world did not end

December 22nd, 2012

Millions of people thought, talked and wrote about the end of the world which was predicted to arrive upon us yesterday. The Internet, the news and the social media have been full of content on this topic for months, even years now, and were especially busy with “the world ending” in the past few days.

Meanwhile, in the Central African Republic (where the photo of this post comes from) a bunch of rebel groups have been clashing with the military and taking over important cities. A fragile and hard-won peace is at risk, and so are the lives of hundreds of civilians, displaced by the violence. Many people have lost their belongings and means to make a living, and humanitarian workers struggle to reach them due to the high insecurity. The situation could get worse.

So much human energy is wasted over a problem that does not exist – the end of the world- while there are real problems, like the situation in the Central African Republic, Syria, Haiti, Congo and other painful crises. They deserve our attention much more than the Maya calendar.

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One Response to “While the world did not end”

  1. rhianne says:

    This is sad, while some people are busy managing their assets and guarding it from the destruction that the Mayan’s are predicting, some kids are starving and needs attention and compassion.

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