Visit at Interpol

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With Interpol's Secretary-General Ronald K. Noble

With Interpol's Secretary-General Ronald K. Noble

This morning I went to visit Interpol’s headquarter in Lyon. 190 countries are members of Interpol and it has been very interesting to hear how they work. We discussed issues such as organized crime, cybercrime, child abuse etc. In recent years, cooperation between Europol and Interpol has become increasingly better. The cooperation has also led to a couple of operations and arrests of international gangs involved in selling and disseminating images of children being sexually abused . We discussed how we could further develop this cooperation when it comes to for exemple, training of police in new democracies. Tunisia and Libya are exemples of two countries where the Commission is already engaged. A functioning police force, where the police is working for the public service and not the dictatorship, is of course central for a democratic transition.

Interpol is planning to establish a centre in Singapore to coordinate the fight against cybercrime. Within a few weeks’ time, I will present a Commission proposal to establish a European Cybercrime Centre. We of course discussed a future cooperation between the two centres.

My visit coincided with Interpol’s annual conference with responsible national authorities, so there were police officers from nearly 100 countries in Lyon today. I had the opportunity to listen to the conclusions of the conference and to talk about the ongoing activities within the EU and the work with our internal security strategy.