A day to praise love

Valentine’s Day is a day to praise love in all forms. It was very pleasing to see that Washington will be the seventh state in the U.S. to acknowledge same-sex marriages. Now we are also waiting to see what will happen after the court decision in California last week that says the ban on same-sex marriages is unconstitutional.

Within the EU, there are still several Member States that don’t acknowledge same-sex marriages: Poland, Italy, Malta, Latvia and Lithuania, for example. Here, you can find more information about countries that do not acknowledge same-sex marriages. On ILGA’s webpage you can also find more information about the situation on equal rights in different countries.

In far too many countries in the world, gay love is prohibited and in some countries even punishable by death, which is the case in, for example, Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Reading about the situation in different countries can be discouraging, but things are actually moving forward. It is important, not just today, the 14th of February but every day, to continue the struggle for equal rights for all and the right to love. It is not as if there is too much love in the world.

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