The air we breathe

Photo: Micheo flickr Creative CommonsToday, a survey on the Europeans’ opinions and experiences of air quality was published. It shows that 79% of the Europeans asked (over 25 000 people) think that the EU should suggest further measures in order to tackle air pollution. We know since before that the EU citizens consider the environmental issues to be important and that it is an area where you consider that the European cooperation is particularly meaningful. It feels logic since pollution does not stop at national borders and there is a need for strong common action. It is still interesting to have these facts confirmed. It is important to have the citizens’ support, especially when critical voices rise against different proposals for new measures.

Despite the progress made in recent years, the air quality standards are still being exceeded in European cities, especially pollution such as particles, tropospheric ozone and nitrogen dioxide. Every year more people are dying a premature death due to pollution, than because of traffic accidents. Limits have been established in order to protect human health and to motivate action. Even if the policy is common, concrete measures are required on all levels – national, regional and local, to reach harmless levels of pollution.

The EU’s current air quality policy is being evaluated presently and modifications will be suggested during the autumn 2013. As part of the examination an online consultation is available online where you, organisations and businesses in the EU can contribute with views and ideas about different alternatives for the air policy. The consultation is open until the 4th of March and you will find it by following this link:

If you want to read more about the EU’s air quality policy and the legislation before you reply to the consultation, you will find further information through this link:

Please, follow this link to view the complete statistical survey:

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