Your opinion on firearms

Pointing gun, cseward/ Flickr

Pointing gun, cseward/ Flickr

From 25 March to 17 June, you can give the commission your opinion on what you think the EU should do to reduce the harm caused by firearms in Europe. Everyone is welcome to contribute. You as an individual or organisations like local, regional and national authorities, academic institutions and intergovernmental, non-governmental or international organisations, are very much welcome to send us good ideas. 

Despite repeated political declarations, at international, EU and national level, calling for ‘less guns’ and ‘more security’ over the last decade, despite the adoption of new legal frameworks and despite the hard work of law enforcement authorities, firearms continue to cause severe harm. In 2011, in the EU alone more than 5000 murders were committed with firearms. According to information from Europol, among others, there are about 4 million unregistered arms only in the Balkan countries. The global underground weapon market is estimated to have a turnover of between 170 and 320 million dollars a year. Trafficking in arms is a true cross-border activity and a considerable crime. We need a stronger EU policy in this area.

The Commission is working on a common approach and the aim of the consultation is to collect opinions about action needed at EU level to reduce the threat of firearms to people living in the EU. Responses to the questionnaire will give us valuable input for a communication which the Commission is preparing for adoption later this year, as well as possible future legislative and other initiatives. Help us identify what needs to be done!

You find the consultation here:

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