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This Interactive Library aims to facilitate information exchange between stakeholders interested in resource efficiency. A solid and comprehensive information base is needed to create the required integrated policy approach.

Stakeholders are invited to share their resource efficiency related views, findings and reports and/or to browse through the Library.

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<Guide> Biodiversity and ecosystem services – what are they all about?

CEFIC, 2012

This guide aims to give an insight into key concepts around biodiversity and ecosystem services, as these topics become an increasingly prominent environmental issue. By offering a manufacturing industry perspective, the guide contributes to an informed debate on the role different sectors and stakeholders can play on the road towards sustainable production and consumption. It also attempts to stimulate further reflection on how the concept of biodiversity and ecosystem services is being addressed in the policy sphere. Policy options should consider the complexity of these issues, and go beyond the current focus of taxing manufacturing industry in Europe.

A broad debate is needed on how to accommodate 9 billion people living well on this planet in 2050.

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