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<Report> Corporate biodiversity management handbook

Schaltegger & Bestandig, January 2012

The nexus between biodiversity and sustainable business development is multifaceted and complex. This handbook analyses biodiversity in business systematically and visually presents the findings in tables throughout the following chapters.

Table 1 shows the impacts various corporate fields of action can have on biological diversity based on location development, raw material procurement or product (p. 28). Economic motivations that justify engaging in corporate biodiversity management are represented in Table 2 (p.30). Table 3 depicts the affects biodiversity has on the various corporate departments. After identifying these fields, business, functional and area-related objectives can then be formulated. They enable both sustainable business development and the conservation of biological diversity. Table 4 lists examples of such objectives (p.36).

The handbook then outlines a number of proven tools for use in biodiversity management as well as those that can be adapted to help achieve corporate biodiversity goals. Throughout this guide there are illustrative best-practice examples from the ‘Biodiversity in Good Company’ Initiative. The handbook also offers a concrete, tangible introduction to corporate biodiversity management.

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