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This Interactive Library aims to facilitate information exchange between stakeholders interested in resource efficiency. A solid and comprehensive information base is needed to create the required integrated policy approach.

Stakeholders are invited to share their resource efficiency related views, findings and reports and/or to browse through the Library.

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<Report> Study supporting the phasing out of environmentally harmful subsidies

Institute for European Environmental Policy, October 2012

The study focused specifically on EHS at the level of EU Member States; it identifies and analyses key types of EHS and examines cases of existing EHS across a range of environmental sectors and issues; it assesses the economic, environmental and social impact of particular EHS. The study also analyses examples of good practices in the reform of EHS in EU Member States and the lessons that can be learnt from these cases. Finally, it develops practical recommendations on phasing out and reforming EHS to support the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the resource efficiency agenda.

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