A decent life for all: Every opinion counts

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You may have already heard about the Communication “A decent life for all: ending poverty and giving the world a sustainable future” . Commissioner Janez Potočnik and I presented its main messages  yesterday and answered to questions from several European journalists.
Now I would like to know what the citizens are thinking about this initiative. I am sure that many of you have very interesting remarks and questions and I would like you to participate in this debate.  So I would like to invite you to send your questions about EU’s proposal on the future framework of development policy after 2015, when the Millennium Development Goals come to an end, and then I will reply to you by video.To take advantage of the possibilities offered by new technologies and social media, you are more than welcome to post your questions on Twitter, addressing them to me (@APiebalgsEU) or to EuropeAid’s directorate (@europeaid).  By using the hashtag  #askPiebalgsMDG we will be also be able to find your questions online.
You can also post your questions on Europeaid’s Facebook page, or even send them to us by email to the following address:
For the next two weeks we will collect your questions. After that I will start answering them and you will be able to find the videos also through our social media and websites.

A decent life for all: Every opinion counts, 4.3 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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