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£700,000 to stop yoghurt going runny?

January 22nd, 1999

More than £700,000 of Euro cash is to be spent finding out why yoghurt goes runny. British university researchers who have been handed the £720,000 European Union grant will spend three years trying to develop a creamy consistency without using additives.
(The Express, 22 January 1999, p29; The Evening Standard, 21 January 1999, p4; The Telegraph, 22 January 1999, p9)

A team lead by scientists at Huddersfield University, will work with colleagues in Belgium, France, Norway and Sweden to develop bio-friendly organisms, such as lactic acid bacteria, to naturally thicken custards, frozen desserts along with other fermented dairy products including yoghurts. St Ivel, the dairy product manufacturer in Britain and Rhone Poulenc/Rhodia in France will also be involved in the research. Artificial substances and gelatins made from cattle bones are frequently used to thicken these products at present. Researchers will meet regularly and will report back to the European Commission who will monitor their progress. It is hoped the end result will be a cheaper and more natural product.


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