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Bed and Breakfast – kitchen ban on dogs

June 12th, 2008

Farm B&Bs may be forced to close as EU bureaucrats ban owners’ pet dogs from kitchen
(Daily Mail, Thursday June 12, 2008)

EU ruling could send B&Bs to the dogs (Western Morning News (Plymouth),June 12, 2008)

Brussels orders dogs out of B&B kitchens (The Times,Thursday June 12, 2008)

Brussels and the ruling that’s just barking mad (Daily Express,Thursday June 12, 2008)

Dog ban means hundreds of B&Bs face closure (Telegraph,Thursday June 12, 2008)

The EU legislation on hygiene of foodstaffs does not specifically state that dogs should not be allowed into Bed and Breakfast kitchens. EU rules on food hygiene standards state that Adequate procedures are (also) to be in place to prevent domestic animals from having access to places where food is being prepared, handled or stored, (or where the competent authority so permits in special cases, to prevent such access from resulting in contamination. This allows for flexibility in implementation, which is decided on by the member states.
The British Food Standards Agency recommends that domestic pets should be kept out of B&B kitchens when preparing food, but also states that allowing domestic animals in kitchens in other times is reasonable as long as high standards of food hygiene can be maintained by thoroughly cleaning the areas before preparing food.
Thus recommendations do not ban dogs from kitchens at all times. Moreover, food hygiene concerns can hardly be called barking mad. As always, common sense is the best approach.

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