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British apple trees facing the chop?

Myth: Up to a million apple tress across Britain are to be bulldozered because of an EU scheme which rewards overproduction by continetal farm co-operatives, especially those in southern Europe – namely SPain, Portugal and Italy. British farmers are therefore finding it more economical to grub-up their orchardd and get EU compensation than to continue in business. This results in a glut of cheap foreign exports, despite growing demand for native apples.
Source: The Sunday Times (5 March 1995, p.13)

Truth: The EU does not favour apple producres in southern Europe. EU programmes encouraging the grubbing-up of orchards as a means of tackling overproduction are entirely voluntary. Apple producers in each country are then in a position to apply for these funds. it is not the Commission’s aim to subsidise any EU country for prducing apples that nobody wants.