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British chalet girls banned for the season

November 13th, 1994

Myth: British chalet girls may be forced into extinction under the terms of a draft Directive from Brussels which hopes to force foreigners working temporarily in another EU member state to abide by its own employment legislation.
Source: Independent on Sunday (13 November 1994)Response: Chalet girls have no need to worry.

There are in fact two draft directives on the Posting of Workers, the most recent put forward by Germany, which currently holds the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. This measure is aimed primarily at protecting its construction industry from foreign workers undercutting its own labour force.

Discussions are continuing in the Council of Ministers but it is clear that the proposal, when it is finally agreed, will be one designed not just to favour the mobility of workers in Europe, but, above all, will seek to avoid abusive or exploitative working conditions being imposed on them.

As chalet girls are far from being the victims of the travel companies that employ them, and are undercutting no-one, it is extremely unlikely that their kind of employment will ever be covered by the Directive, whatever version is finally agreed upon by Member State governments.

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