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British MOTs to be watered down

April 5th, 1994

Britain may have to ease MoT’s on cars in order to comply with a Directive from Brussels that aims to harmonise procedures throughout the EU. This would result in tests not starting until cars are four years old, unlike the three year limit in the UK, thereafter they would need be tested only at two year intervals, as opposed to the UK’s compulsory annual test.
(Daily Mail, p20, 5 April 1994)

This is wholly untrue. The European Commission has no intention of proposing anything of the sort.
There is a Directive (*) in force that sets out minimum standards for MoT tests. Most national standards, including all existing UK ones, are perfectly in line with this and therefore needn’t be changed in the least to satisfy European law.(*) – Directive 88/849, amended by Directive 91/225


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