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Brussels is planning to scrap UK passports

Brussels plan to scrap our passports (The Mail on Sunday, 29 October 2000, page 1)
Eurocrats are to demand that the Queen’s crest is wiped from British passports – and replaced by the yellow stars of the EU.

Our passports to lose royal crest (Sunday People, 29 October 2000, page 4)
The Queen’s crest on British passports is set to be scrapped – on orders of Euro officials.

Battle royal looms over UK passports (Sunday Express, 29 October 2000, page 4)
Tony Blair faces a battle with Brussels over plans for a new European Union passport

Firstly, there is no such thing as a European passport. There are British passports, French passports, German passports, etc. Each follows a European format in order to speed up travel in the EU by making it easier for customs and police officers to recognise.

There are no plans to replace the Queen’s crest with the EU stars. In any case, no such measure could be imposed on Britain. ‘Euro officials’ cannot order changes to passports without the agreement of the UK government.