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Brussels may ban mushy peas

As from December 1995 the European Commission is outlawing Britain’s traditional mushy peas.

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This is not entirely correct. The European Commission consulted extensively with Governments and the food industry before drafting a Directive governing colours in foodstuffs, and permitting those colours to be harmless. The Directive was subsequently adopted by the European Parliament and the Council (94/36/EC), and came into force in December 1996.

One of the Directive’s general principles is that fresh and processed vegetables may not be coloured. However certain exceptions are allowed, and were introduced into the legislation following requests from Member States and the food industry. Thus the Directive allows the use of three colours (E102, E133 and E142) in ‘processed mushy and garden peas’, ie. tinned mushy peas.
Neither the UK Government nor the food industry requested a similar derogation (exception) for frozen mushy peas.