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Buses: Passengers to pay a second fare for journeys over 30 miles

January 7th, 1999

Eu must get off this bus and join queue to get back on again
“Grandma Lilian Brunton is being driven round the bend by daft new EU rules for bus drivers. They mean she has to get OFF her bus halfway through her journey – then go to the BACK of the queue to get back ON. She also has to pay double the old fare because she needs a new ticket. And if there is no room on board the busy bus for the second leg she must wait another hour for the next one …the service has been split into two to comply with the potty new EU regulation. It states that drivers on routes more than 30 miles should work shorter hours and have longer breaks.
(THE SUN, January 7 1999, page 15)

There are no EU rules stipulating how long a bus route must be. Nor are there EU rules forcing passengers to pay a second fare for journeys over 30 miles. The rules to which The Sun refers were agreed back in 1985 by the UK government. This was done in order to protect the safety of passengers like Lilian Brunton. It is the bus company who have decided to split the route in two to make their drivers work longer hours and charge their customers for a second ticket!

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