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Cod no longer to be called cod thanks to EU

“EU serves up gadus ‘n’ chips” (Daily Mail, 5 September 2001, page 7)
Fancy a nice plate of gadus morhua and chips? You may be tucking into them under proposed regulations from Brussels bureaucrats. They want fish to be called by their Latin names so the terms can be understood throughout the European Union.

“Hippoglossus hippoglossus and chips twice please, luv” (The Sun, 5 September 2001, page 3)
Chippies could be forced to sell fish by their ancient Latin names – thanks to the craziest European ruling so far. If barmy Brussels bureaucrats get their way, baffled Brits will have to ask for hippoglossus hippoglossus instead of plain halibut. … Takeaways, restaurants, fishmongers and supermarkets are all set to be BANNED from using names that have been around for centuries.

Claims that the EU is planning to ban the English names of fish and force retailers to replace them with Latin names on food packaging are completely untrue. The European Commission has proposed clearer labelling on the packaging of fish products to ensure that consumers are properly informed about what they are buying. Labels would include the exact name of the fish, how it was produced and where it was caught.