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Collection of intra-EC trade statistics to fall on business

Myth: The huge task of collecting intra-EC trade statistics now falls on businesses themselves with the introduction of Intrastat, causing them to be submerged with new paperwork and making their burden even heavier.

Response: from Yves Franchet; Director General, Eurostat.

“The Single Market means removal of the customs formalities on which current trade figures are based. Our aim throughout has been to reduce the burden on the business community. Such a fundamental change to European trade statistics is challenging for everyone. In theory, running the old and new systems side by side might seem “sound practice”. In reality, think of the burden on already hard-pressed business people”.

“At the end of the day, Instratat will mean a cheaper and simpler way to obtain detailed, harmonised and comparable figures on intra-Community trade. Surely an invaluable resource for any business seeking to exploit the challenge of the single market”.