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Commission outlaws dye which give haddocks their distinctive golden hue

January 15th, 1993

Statement: The Commission apparently has proposed outlawing the dyes which give haddocks their distinctive golden hue.

Response: The reality is in fact just the opposite of this. More than 30 colours are provided for in the Commission’s proposal for a Council directive (10.12.1992) for colours for use in foodstuffs, including “fish and crustaceous pastes, fish roe, salmon substitute, surimi, smoked and preserved fish” with a maximum of 500mg per kilo (see annexe 5 of COM(91)444). Those colours proposed by the Commission include those used in the UK for haddocks. It was in fact the UK Government which put forward the proposal.

This proposal is at a very early stage of discussion as it has not yet been discussed by the Council and it will requre two readings of the European Parliament. Nevertheless it is quite possible that those EC countries that presently forbid the use of colourings in smoked fish might resist this directive after 1 January 1993.

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