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Commission to force fishermen to wear hairnets

October 24th, 1992

Statement: A Commission Directive will oblige fishermen to wear hair-nets when aboard their fishing boats.

Response: These claims are without foundation. There is a Council Directive, which will come into effect on 1.1.1993, aimed at ensuring that strict hygiene conditions are met in fish-processing plants and by all staff who process and package fish. It mentions that dockside staff who cut fish should wear suitable head cover to avoid hair contaminating the processed fish. This does not mean wearing a hair-net. Member States already take these hygiene precautions for the preparation and processing of other foodstuffs, such as meat in slaughter houses. This Directive does not, therefore, apply to fishermen aboard their fishing boats, with the logical exception of workers aboard factory-vessels, where processing and packaging of fish are carried out at sea (Council Directive 91/493 – Official Journal (OJ) L 268).

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