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Cornish clotted cream to be made in Brittany

March 27th, 1998

Cornish folk are enraged by a proposal that the term ‘Cornish clotted cream’ should not be limited to just to cream made in Cornwall. The EC’s 1992 regulation on ‘The Protection of Geographical Indicators and Designations of Origin for Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs’ states that unless a name such as ‘Stilton’ is registered in Brussels anyone can use it, as happens with the sadly abused ‘Cheddar cheese’.
(Sunday Telegraph, 29 March 1998)

Under EU regulations a named food or drink registered at European level will be given protection again imitations throughout the Community. ‘Cornish Clotted Cream’ secured protected status under EU food laws at the beginning of July 1998. The UK has currently 28 products registered in this way including Newcastle brown ale, white and blue Stilton and Whitstable oysters. An objection to the Cornish Clotted Cream producers application from the French Ministry of Agriculture was withdrawn.

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