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Delicacies must be sold in quantities over one and a quarter pounds

January 13th, 1995

Myth: Brussels has ensured that anyone trying to buy delicacies weighing less then one and a quarter ounces cannot do so, and that retailers found to be breaking the law are up for prosecution.
Source: The Times, letters page (13 January 1995)

Response: This has little to do with Brussels.

Although there is a measure approximating laws across the EU on non-automatic weighing instruments, this was aimed primarily at the weighing of pharmaceuticals and precious metals.

In implementing the Directive, the Department of Trade and Industry supplemented it to deal with certain conditons of use, one of which disallowed the weighing of items on machines below their minimum capacity. Extended it to the retail sector, this measure is shortly to be repealed, but will still apply to precious metals and pharmaceuticals.

It should be noticed that this supplemtary measure was purely national and was not catered for by the original EU Directive.

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