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EC to ban “sexist” saucy seaside postcards

Myth: EC officials are out to ban saucy seaside postcards with its latest Euro directive, having branded them “sexist and offensive to women”.

Response:  This is entirely untrue. To quote Bruno DeThomas, Spokesman, “this story is absurd and contains no truth whatsoever”. The European Commission has no competence in these fields, as all measures are non-binding and act purely as discussion papers and/or recommendations. Thus it has not put forward any directives (and there is no EC legislation) in the fields of Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Discrimination. Nevertheless it is keen to show that it is committed to the issue of equal opportunities and equal treatment.
For instance the European Commission has presented Member States with a Code of Conduct to combat sexual harassment at work (OJ L49/92), and is currently working on a manual to illustrate the national legal requirements regarding this subject.