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EC to standardise coffin sizes

February 11th, 1993

Statement: The European Commission has resurrected plans to standardise coffins across the EC and will therefore do away with long established traditions. This is likely to have a profound effect on our industry in the UK.

Response: This is not actually true. The Commission has come up with a much more general proposed directive which aims to harmonise legislation concerning the transfer of corpses across the EC. In no way will it have any effect on actual funeral services in Member States.

It is only Article 7 of of this proposed directive that speaks of “essential necessities” with regard to coffins used to transfer corpses throughout the EC. These are very general and would in no way have any bearing on the style, form or width of coffins. It simply requires that coffins be watertight; are built sufficiently strongly to be able to withstand shocks and prevent deterioration whilst being transported; respect the good quality practices for each of the different materials that go into its construction; is guaranteed quality-wise.

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