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EU axes French mustard

April 15th, 2001

“Now Europe forces Colman’s to cut the French mustard” (The Mail on Sunday, 15 April 2001, page 41)
It has accompanied the finest steaks for more than 60 years, but now Colman’s French Mustard has been forced into extinction by European Union bureaucrats.

“EU axes Colman’s French Mustard” (The Sun, 16 April 2001, page 13)
EU chiefs have forced British food firm Colman’s to scrap its famous French mustard.

It is not true to say that the EU has axed Colman’s French mustard. That decision was taken by Colman’s. When Colman’s parent company Unilever took over its French rival Amora-Maille last year, the European Commission was obliged to clear the acquisition as there were fears that it would give Unilever a monopoly. The Commission approved the purchase but said that Unilever’s market share for mustard in the UK, Belgium and Sweden would be too great. Unilever agreed to address the issue, and the European Commission expected it to sell the brand to another manufacturer. Instead it has chosen to discontinue it altogether. The company preferred to sell under the Amora-Maille name.


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