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EU bans lorry drivers’ British breakfast

September 21st, 2001

“Truckers face EU ban on fry-ups” (The Sun, 21 September 2001, page 24)
Lorry drivers could be banned from eating FRY-UPS under barmy plans being drawn up in Brussels. As part of a “medical MoT for truckers”, European Union bosses want to put the brakes on the full English breakfast. Last night, lorry drivers were furious that their staple diet … could be replaced…by muesli and croissants.

“Our greasy spoons in a stir over EU” (Daily Express, 21 September 2001, page 29)
Britain’s lorry drivers’ traditional diet of a full English breakfast is under threat from EU bureaucracy

“EU may veto truckers’ big fry-up breakfasts” (The Daily Telegraph, 21 September 2001, page 15)
British lorry drivers will have to give up their traditional breakfast fry-up if they want to drive on the Continent under EU laws.

There is no EU plan to ban lorry drivers’ British breakfast. This proposal is about more professionalism in the cab and will give truckers advanced training in safe driving together with information about health and safety.
The suggestion that the EU will ban the British breakfast is completely wrong. So too is the claim that eating muesli and croissants will be compulsory. The suggestion that roadside “greasy spoon” cafes may be under threat is also completely false.
All professional drivers across the EU should receive training in advanced driving based on safety rules, compliance with regulations and knowledge about health, safety, service and logistics. Drivers will receive guidance on food, alcohol and drugs; stress and the importance of rest.
If adopted, this measure can help ensure that all drivers across the EU are trained to high standards thereby helping make roads safer.

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