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EU data protection rules do not ban Christmas wish lists – in Bavaria or elsewhere

Contrary to reports in the Daily Mail (German children banned from sending their wish-lists to Santa…because of EU privacy laws, 22 November 2018), the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation does not forbid Christmas wish lists.

Under EU data protection rules, data can be processed when a person has given their consent but also on the basis of other legal grounds. In this context, Santa Claus should have the contact details of a family in order to deliver presents on the wish list he received – in the case of minors, provided their parents agree. These have been the rules for the past 20 years and the General Data Protection Regulation has not changed them. Also provisions for the protection of minors reflect national civil law.

As for the Bavarian town of Roth referred in the article, all seems good – the city council has confirmed their Christmas tree wish list tradition is going ahead as usual.